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Together we are strong

Today, ComeOn Group has over 550 employees worldwide, with offices in London, Stockholm, Poland, Istanbul, and Malta. We offer Sportsbook, Casino, and Poker around the world. We are a young, dynamic and innovative company with multiple sub-brands.

To make it easier to communicate with potential recruits and existing employees we decided to create the umbrella brand called “We are ComeOn!”. My job was to create a style guide, communication strategy, internal newsletter, and create the website.

I created an online platform that acts as an intranet for all employees in the organization. On this platform you can find news, useful links, documents and articles from your local HR team and much more. 

Communication strategy

Curating content for multiple plattforms is not always the simplest thing. The idea is to make it easy to communicate We Are ComeOn! in as many channels as possible. It becomes much easier to create content if you have a solid concept to lean on.