How I work

Some examples of my current workflow

My processes

How What Why

Strategy & Research

Before I start designing I make sure that we’re asking the right questions and trying to accomplish the right challenges. This stage includes market research, competitive analyses, consulting and exploring possible solutions.


I want to understand the users and their goals, motivations, pain points, needs, and interests. By getting to know as much as possible about the users it’s easy to make decisions based on that information. This is possible through personas, surveys ,and interviews.

User Stories

With user stories, it’s easy to get an overview of what the user wants to achieve. Breaking down bigger stories into smaller scenarios helps me understand what needs to be done and it makes communication with stakeholders much easier.

User Flows

The next step is to work on creating a user flows/sitemap, it’s a simple diagram that shows the web site’s or application’s content and functions, It gives an idea and overview of a web site and how each content will fit and work together systematically.

Wireframes & Prototypes

This is where things start to get exciting. I always start with testing out simple designs first to get the early feedback from the developers, stakeholders and other decision makers. It’s important to start validating the flow as soon as possible. 

Final Product Design

With a design system in place, it’s easy to jump-start the design process. If not, I create a simple one with a set of colors and elements to use for the design. When UI is applied I do the handoff to the developers who can use my pixel perfect design as a reference.